Disposable, Reusable, or Silicone: Which are the Perfect Nursing Pads To Go For?

Disposable, Reusable, or Silicone: Which are the Perfect Nursing Pads To Go For?

Breastfeeding is not just about feeding but more about cuddling, pampering, and overflowing emotions. But why spoil it all with the overflowing milk that leaks and result in ugly wet stains and spots over your clothes? We are here with all your desired answers regarding the overwhelming list of questionnaires about the perfect Nursing Pads or Breast Pads.


Milk leakage indeed results in embarrassment and discomfort that needs to be prevented. Hence, Nursing Pads or Breast Pads acts as an absorbent shield that is best friends to lactating mothers. All types of Nursing Pads or Breast Pads, be it Disposable, Reusable or Silicone, are comfortably suitable with either your regular bra or the specific nursing bra, and absorbs that awkward milk leak preventing you from the unease caused by cracked nipples, which becomes an entrance for certain bacteria's into your body.

There are huge varieties of Nursing Pads or Breast Pads available across the internet as well as departmental stores in the markets. Below mentioned are the Categorized explanation of all three types of Nursing or Breast Pads, viz., Disposable Breast Pads, Reusable Breast Pads, and Silicone Breast Pads, to understand which one is the perfect choice to go for.

Disposable Nursing Pads or Breast Pads

Disposable Nursing Pads or Breast Pads are the most convenient and popularly used by breastfeeding mothers. They are made up of super absorbent natural fibers and have a plastic lining that prevents leakage locking up the moisture within.


  1. These Breast Pads are convenient for traveling, as the moist pad can immediately be discarded and replaced by a fresh one.
  2. They are very thin and super absorbing, hence are not that visible over your tops making you stay comfortable and confident without being conscious.
  3. They are designed with two adhesive back stickers that are peeled off while placing the pad over your nipples. Thus they stay fixed and firm under your bra.
  4. They are available under a number of popular brands with the packaging of approximately ranging from 50 to 200 or more.
  5. These pads are uniquely packed in separate wrappers, which make them convenient to carry in handbags, kits, or even pockets while going outdoors.
  6. These Breast Pads are quite handy, moisture-locking thus can be worn for several continuous hours.
  7. These pads are comparatively the softest and thus prevents you from the risk of sore nipples, breast infection, and itching.


  1. The Disposable Nursing Pads or Breast Pads usually contain absorbent chemicals, hence they are not considered friendly and suitable for the sensitive areas of your breast.
  2. If worn for a longer time, these pads hold the moisture and even the sugary compounds present in the milk, that boosts the bacterial growth over the breasts, resulting in nipple soreness, itching, and other infections like Thrush and Mastitis.
  3. These pads lack air circulation, thus they are not breathable.
  4. The Disposable Breast Pads are comparatively expensive.

Reusable Nursing Pads or Breast Pads

The Reusable Nursing Pads or Breast Pads prevent leakage keeping your breasts all dry and safe from bacteria's to settle down over your sensitive skin causing discomfort and irritation.


  1. The Reusable Nursing pads or Breast Pads are made up of naturally soft, breathable cloth material that is 100% pure and organic and is gentle on your skin.
  2. They provide better air circulation, thus preventing you from nipple soreness, cracked nipples, and other infections.
  3. These pads are washable and thus can easily be laundered at home.
  4. Since these Breast Pads are not discarded away in the trash and can be washed and reused, they are environment friendly and safe.
  5. Since they can be washed and reused, they are durable and cost-effective.


  1. The Reusable Pads are not available in discredited sanitary bags, thus they need to be kept in a safe and dry environment before use while traveling or being outdoors.
  2. They are comparatively thick and less absorbent than the Disposable Breast Pads.
  3. A general drawback of the Reusable Pads is that they do not stay stuck over your nipples and can shift or slide beneath the cup of your bra.

Silicone Nursing Pads or Breast Pads

The Silicone Nursing Pads or Breast Pads do not absorb the milk leakage, yet they prevent the leakage by gently pressing over the nipples.


  1. These Silicone Pads are made up of soft medical-grade silicone that is durable and gentle on the skin while preventing milk leakage.
  2. This is an eco-friendly Breast Pad that doesn’t require to be discarded or disposed off, rather it could simply be washed gently and reused.
  3. These Breast Pads come with a special hold-on pouch and usage and cleaning instructions.
  4. The Silicone pads are extremely soft as skin and hence could comfortably be worn with or without a bra under fancy sheer clothing and swimwear.
  5. Due to the sticky back, the Silicone Pads hold on to the nipples over your breast firmly and don’t shift, slide or bunch.
  6. The Silicone Breast Pads are generally pocket-friendly.


  1. The Silicone Breast Pads are considered non-absorbent, thus even though they can prevent milk leakage but they cannot absorb it. Thus they are not advisable to wear for a longer time.
  2. Even though Silicone is considered to be gentle on the skin, some women experience a bit of discomfort using it due to increased skin sensitivity, especially post-delivery or while breastfeeding.


The above article could really help you understand the basic yet eminent details about the best pick regarding the best type of Nursing Pad or Breast Pad to be considered while shopping for maternity essentials. To consider the best for you out of the three types of Breast Pads, viz., Disposable, Reusable, and Silicone Breast Pads, you need to understand the flow of your milk and the frequency of replacing the wet one with a new pad.

Furthermore, along with using the Breast Pad on your skin, you also must understand the methods of maintaining the appropriate hygiene to stay safe from dwelling bacteria's over the repented moisture. Since your skin must have developed more sensitivity post-delivery or while you start feeding your child, your skin becomes prone to such infections and severities. Hence think well and choose wisely before you make a move.



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