When Can The Baby Sleep With A Blanket?

When Can The Baby Sleep With A Blanket?

Being a parent, you have many concerns for your newborn. You may feel like are they okay? Are they doing well, etc? Sometimes at night while watching them asleep in their crib, you can experience a twinge seeing your baby and feeling what if they need a blanket or pillow or are they okay? 

baby sleep with blanket

Due to the regular concerns, we know that you are not able to sleep peacefully, which means you will be looking for a way to make your baby feel comfortable at night or just give them a comfortable blanket at night so that yo7 know that your baby is feeling safe and comfortable.  

But, here is the main thing, you can ask your doctor when you can start giving blankets to your little one. The question of when a baby can sleep with a blanket is not just a question but a major health concern for your baby. 

Did you ask your doctor why babies won't sleep with a blanket? Well, the answer to that is to reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). 

Why Can't Baby Sleep With A Blanket - Know All The Safety Guidelines For Your Baby

Anything like a blanket,  a pillow can potentially cover the mouth of the babies during their sleep time no matter if it's a nap or tiger bedtime and what will that result in? Suffocation for your infant!  You may have heard about AAP (American association of pediatrics), it has updated new safe sleep guidelines. That says that not to use heavy blankets in your baby's crib so that there is a reduced risk of SIDS(sudden infant death syndrome). 

Sudden infant death syndrome(SIDS) - one of the leading causes that result in the death of infants mostly between being born to 12 months of age. You can follow the new ABCs of safe sleep to prevent your baby from being at the potential risk for SIDS. Know more about the ABCs of safe sleep that means alone on their back in a crib. Here is the explanation - 

Alone - the first A of a good and safe sleep guide is that a baby should sleep alone that means no one should sleep with the baby and you must take out all kinds of blankets, sheet, crib bumpers and pillow out of your baby's crib.

Back - when a baby sleeps on their sides or stomach, it will not do any good for you instead it will increase the rate of suffocation and can lead to death also. The best position for your baby to sleep in is on their back. Also, your baby must be properly developed if you make them sleep on their side or stomach because there are cases when a baby is not developed enough to move their head if they are not able to breathe in their earlier position. 

Crib - you cannot put your baby to sleep in a buyer or swing because they are for baby sleep. Use a crib, bassinet, or playpen to lay your baby in because they are only made for the baby to sleep in them. 

Also, there is no need to put the baby crib in a separate room but you can put the crib in your room till the baby turns 1 because with the baby nearby, you will be at more peace. This will be the best solution to where to put the baby for sleep. 

Now the question is when the babies can sleep in blankets or the correct time to give them the blanket.

Know When Your Baby Can Sleep With A Blanket - The Safety 

As said earlier the AAP recommends that you should not let the baby sleep with heavy blankets or any kind of other stuff, it would be more like the baby and the crib that's it. 

Keeping aside the guidelines of AAP (American academy of pediatrics), if you feel like your baby is old enough to sleep in a blanket - consider the following factors in mind to make sure it is safe if you're giving a blanket to your baby. You will get to know when you can give a baby a blanket.

Large blankets- there is not a single use of a larger blanket for your baby even after he/she turns 1 because that will only increase the risk of suffocation and strangulation leading to the death of the baby. 

Larger toys -these kinds of toys can crush or suffocate the baby, keep them away from your baby's crib. Also, very small toys like sewn-on eyes or buttons can be hazardous for the baby's health. Do keep all kinds of toys away from. the baby's reach and you can keep an eye on him if any kind of baby toy is near him. 

Fabric Of the blanket -  even if you give a small blanket to your baby, consider the fabric of the baby blanket the fabric will behave and influence sleep safety like the blankets made from the muslin material can be breathed through and considered as a safer option for the baby. The weighted blanket is not considered a safe option for the infants

In addition to all of this, know that some babies are active sleepers and if you are aware of the fact that your baby likes to rock and roll around the crib or the bed then footed pajamas or a sleep sack is a good option rather than using a sleep blanket. The most important thing is that if you think your baby is ready to sleep in a blanket then make sure it is ticked around the nature in the crib and also place it lower to the chest level of the baby. 


Now that you have your solution to when a baby can sleep in a blanket, make sure that there is no extra thing in his or her crib. Put the crib in the room in which you sleep. Also, keep an eye on your baby regarding the sleeping position and make sure he is sleeping on their back, not on their stomach or their sides.

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